Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You have a choice

You can choose, so choose to live in harmony with what you value and appreciate. You can choose, so choose to be purposeful, persistent and effective.

You can choose, so choose a life of goodness and fulfillment. You can choose, so choose happiness.

Others will attempt to convince you that you're unable to choose what's best for you. Yet you know better.

You know that you have a choice in every moment. Life proceeds according to the way you choose to live it, so choose to live it with purpose, integrity and joy.

You can choose your attitude, your perspective, your response, your actions and your outlook. Feel your purpose and in every matter, in every situation, make the choices that express that purpose.

Whatever happens, you have a choice. Use that power of choice now, and again and again, to make life rich and truly fulfilling.

-- Ralph Marston

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