Friday, November 28, 2014

Enjoy the moment

There's no need to add anxiety to your experience. Decide instead to enjoy the experience, to enjoy the moment, and let any hint of anxiety melt away.

The positive way through whatever you're going through is to treasure the opportunity to experience it. Enjoy your amazing ability to live life in an endless variety of situations.

Don't place unnecessary judgments on what you're doing now. Just move ahead with it and put the best of yourself into it.

Let go of any impulse to be resentful about what you might think you're missing out on. You are not missing out on anything, for you're immersed in the miraculous experience of life.

Live life where you are because, after all, that is where you are. Enjoy the moment you're in because, after all, it is the moment that's always available for you to enjoy.

Put the love, joy and passion of your life into your life at this very moment. You deserve to experience the best, and you deserve it right here and now.

-- Ralph Marston

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