Saturday, November 29, 2014

You can do more

You can do more, and in fact you know you'll enjoy doing more. You can give more, authentically, enthusiastically, and you know how great that feels.

This world is filled with problems and pains, but that never has to get you down. For there's always more you can do to make a positive difference, to transform those problems into opportunities and then into value.

When you've done all you can, the amazing thing is this. You can rest for a little while, and then you can do more.

As painful as the setbacks may be, they never have to be permanent. Because you can do more.

As wonderful as any achievement may be, the satisfaction of achieving does not have to end. Because the great thing is, you can do more.

Whether life gets you down or lifts you up, as long as you have life there is a readily accessible way forward if you'll just remember it. You can do more.

-- Ralph Marston

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