Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Give it meaning

When there's no point to your actions, there's no energy within you to take those actions. Give meaning to what you're doing, and enable the energy to flow.

If you can't see the purpose, you can't get enthusiastic. Connect with a sincere purpose, and you're suddenly bursting with the desire to follow that purpose.

What you're weary of is not what you're doing. What makes you so weary is that you don't feel fully invested in what you're doing.

Avoiding, procrastinating and quitting altogether will just make things worse. So instead of giving up, give it meaning.

There is a very important point to your life and to what you do in each moment. Even the most tedious and difficult tasks become engaging and gratifying when you see them in the context of a meaningful purpose.

Whatever you're doing is making a difference. Make sure it's a positive difference, connect it to your purpose, and you'll find yourself doing it with great joy, energy, effectiveness and fulfillment.

-- Ralph Marston

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