Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Foggy morning

You've walked the route a hundred times before, and yet one early morning it is radically different. There is a thick fog in the air, and suddenly the world is not the same.

Though the trees, the buildings, the lights and the roads are where they have always been, on a foggy morning you experience them in a new way. Simply because there's an excess of moisture in the air, you cannot help but see the world differently.

The fog changes your perspective. And because of that change in perspective, life can feel more frightening, or adventurous, mysterious, or invigorating.

The objective reality of life is important. But what matters more to you is your perspective, because your perspective determines the way you experience reality.

Although there are limits to the ways you can change reality, there are no limits on how you can change your perspective. Your response to any situation can be improved by choosing a motivating, empowering perspective.

Success comes not from what you get, but from what you think about it and do with it. Raise your perspective to the most positive one you can imagine, and your life will reflect that choice.

-- Ralph Marston

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