Friday, November 7, 2014

Here is your time

Time is passing, but you don't have to let it pass you by. Time is passing, and that's an opportunity.

With each minute that comes, there comes the chance to make life more valuable and rewarding. As time goes by, you can cleverly use it to go forward.

An hour from now, you can be more knowledgeable, more highly skilled, better connected with others, more experienced, motivated, and purposeful. A year from now, you can be so far ahead of where you are today that it's truly amazing.

Time is an immensely valuable resource, and it is flowing into your life right now. When you make full and resolute use of it, anything is possible.

Do you realize how fortunate you are to have the time you have right now? Celebrate your good fortune by making it even better, by using this moment to increase the value of all the future moments.

Here is your time. Use it well.

-- Ralph Marston

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