Monday, November 10, 2014

Positive focus

What you continually focus on affects the way you feel. They way you feel has a major influence on the direction and effectiveness of your actions.

Keep your focus on the positive possibilities and opportunities, and you will feel great. Feel great, and you will achieve great things.

In your mind, make the disappointments so small that they eventually fade away. In your mind, enlarge the positive possibilities to the point where you cannot help but bring them into being.

The way you see life sets the stage for the way you interact with life. So choose, in each moment, to see life in the best possible light.

That doesn't mean you must be oblivious to reality. Be fully in tune with reality while directing your focus toward its most promising aspects.

Use your positive focus to produce positive action. And use your positive action to create the life you truly wish to live.

-- Ralph Marston

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