Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Excuses or achievement

Do you live each day focused on excuses? Or are you instead focused on achievement?

If you're focused on excuses, you won't even make an attempt unless you're sure you'll get it perfect. When you're focused on achievement, though you may not get it completely perfect, you will get it done.

If you're focused on excuses, the slightest obstacle will stop you cold. When you're focused on achievement, you'll work your way through any challenge.

If you're focused on excuses, you'll avoid unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations. When you're focused on achievement, you'll seek out new, invigorating circumstances and will find great value in them.

Excuses sound reasonable, and enable you to be temporarily satisfied with yourself for doing nothing more than thinking them up. In the long run, though, excuses can bury you under a mountain of missed opportunities.

Let go of the easy excuses, and grab on to a burning desire for meaningful achievement. Focus not on excuses, but on real achievement, and you'll bring a profusion of that great, satisfying achievement into your world.

-- Ralph Marston

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