Saturday, November 22, 2014

Don't sell life short

Don't sell life short. Don't sell yourself short.

Everywhere you go there are opportunities for new richness. In everything you do there's a way to make a difference.

Nothing in life is really plain or ordinary because life itself is so extraordinary. You have life, and the chance to do beautiful, amazing things with it, right here, right now.

The particular path you've traveled has never been duplicated in the history of the universe. Feel the value of that special perspective, and make use of it to give the world new meaning.

Whatever may have happened in your past, you have a uniquely promising future. Today is your opportunity to start living that future, to experience the fulfillment of that promise.

Dream big, expect the best, and then put forth your highest efforts in the service of those dreams and expectations. Act as if life's greatest magnificence is yours to live, for it is, the moment you choose it.

-- Ralph Marston

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