Friday, December 12, 2014

Think about it differently

There are many more ways than just one way to think of any situation. If you're stuck, or perplexed, angry, frustrated, conflicted or confused about anything, give yourself the option of thinking about it differently.

Instead of going over the same puzzle again and again, scramble up all the pieces and come at it from a completely different angle. Throw out your assumptions, take several steps back, and give yourself the benefit of a new perspective.

You are wonderfully creative, so put that creativity to good use. You can think whatever you choose to think, so choose to think in new and original ways.

Perhaps what you think you need to get rid of, is actually something you could use more of. It could be that what you once considered impossible is not only possible, but is also the most effective way forward.

Challenge what you've assumed, and what you think you know. Just beyond your supposed certainties, are many great possibilities.

There's something good, valuable and workable in any situation. Think about it differently, and find an amazingly wonderful way forward.

-- Ralph Marston

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