Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Let your joy flow

Find joy where you are, and you will find plenty. Give joy authentically, from what you know and what you have, and you will give it in great and wonderful measure.

Don't bother judging whether some particular expression of joy is big or little, impressive or ordinary. Just let the joy flow freely as you feel it.

There's no need to hold too tightly to the moments of joy, for you can always make more. There's no cause for worry or anxiety, because joy is always yours to create.

Live the unique joy that is this day. Experience the special flavor of joy that is possible in the place where you are.

Let go of the need to possess so much, of the need for certainty, of the need for control. Let go, and let your joy flow.

Breathe in the fresh energy of possibility. And where you are, with all you have, let your joy freely flow.

-- Ralph Marston

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