Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Aim higher

Aim higher and you will end up higher. Expect more of yourself and you will end up getting more from yourself.

Yes, it makes sense to base your expectations for the future on what has happened in the past. But although it makes sense, it doesn't make for a very effective strategy.

Choose instead to base your expectations not on what you've already experienced, but on what you wish to see happen. Raise your level of ambition to match the highly worthy and capable person you surely are.

Challenge yourself to grow, to improve, to become stronger, more capable and more highly accomplished. All these things add value not only to your life, but also to all of life.

You owe it to yourself, to others and to the world to aim higher, to reach higher, and to work your way higher. After all, you're part of life, and the miraculous fact of your existence obligates you to make all of existence the best it can be.

You've already done much, and you can do much more. Aim higher, get there, and add richness to the journey for everyone involved.

-- Ralph Marston

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