Thursday, December 25, 2014

Best Christmas ever

What will make this the best Christmas Day ever is love. Give it, live it, share it, allow it and treasure the fact that you can.

You don't need anything elaborate or complicated to make this special day the best one yet. It's a simple matter of allowing life's inherent goodness to shine through you in every moment.

Let go of your need for things to be a certain way. Give your love, your joy and authentic gratitude to whatever way this day unfolds.

Don't impose any conditions on your enjoyment of the time today. Enjoy the people you're with and the things you do just because you have the opportunity to do so.

Take the unnecessary pressure off yourself and off everyone else. Accept this special day for what it is, however it may be, and enjoy giving your unconditional love to all.

You deserve a beautiful experience on this beautiful, meaningful day. Choose now to accept it, to allow it and to graciously share the joy of living with everyone around you.

-- Ralph Marston

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