Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Remember well

Remember your mistakes, and what you learned from them, and apply those lessons as you move forward. Remember your successes, and how great they felt, and inspire yourself to create more.

Live in the present, well informed by the past. Work toward a bright future, carrying all the best treasures you've collected along the way.

Though you cannot change what has already happened, you can choose precisely what to take from it. Let go of the pain, while holding on to the wisdom and joy.

Remember where you started, and realize how far you've come. Remember how much effort you've invested, and honor that investment by building on it in each new moment.

Remember all those who have given you love, support, and encouragement along the way. Remember how good that felt, and remember that there are those who would benefit from your help right now.

Remember how rich and meaningful life can be. Then step forward and make this day better than anything you can remember.

-- Ralph Marston

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