Thursday, December 4, 2014

Get on with it

Life doesn't always unfold the way you want. It can in fact be very messy, inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Get over it and get on with it. Go ahead, deal with the bad stuff, and you'll soon be enjoying the good stuff.

Stop wondering what you can do and how you will get through. Grab hold of this moment and use it to take positive action.

You may have to get up early and you may have to stay late. You may have to get your hands dirty, and you may have to endure a little inconvenience and discomfort.

But is any of that so bad? Not when you compare it to the glorious opportunity to live your life.

Seize that opportunity every day, no matter what ups and downs you may encounter. Whatever may come, get on with it, and make life spectacular in your own unique way.

-- Ralph Marston

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