Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let life unfold

You put a great deal of energy and effort into moving your life in a particular direction. Show your confidence in all you've done, and in all you continue to do, by allowing life in this moment to unfold as it will.

Let go of your attachment to a specific result and let the good work you've done come to fruition. Though the results may not be exactly as you imagined them, they will surely bring the richness and fulfillment you seek.

You've done much to get yourself to this day. Now, accept the unique flavor of the day as it arrives in each moment.

There is much more you can do, with many new opportunities and possibilities coming your way. Accept this day, this moment, this time for all it is, and know that you can move positively forward from it.

Peacefully and thankfully let life unfold. As you do, continue to enthusiastically give your best to each moment.

This is your time to live, and to enjoy the positive difference your life makes. Let life unfold as it will, and delight in the new richness it continues to bring.

-- Ralph Marston

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