Saturday, October 8, 2011

Worthy of all you imagine

You are worthy of all you can imagine. In fact, in a very real sense, all you can imagine is precisely who you are.

At first it can seem easy to blame all the forces outside of you for your fate. However, in the long run that turns into a very painful and difficult perspective.

It takes effort and strength to accept full responsibility for all you are. Yet when you do, you suddenly have the very real power to become whatever you choose to become.

You are worthy of the best, because you can define what that means and create it within your life. You are in control of your perspective, and with that control comes the power to experience life in whatever way you choose.

To truly live is to take full responsibility for living. To richly live is to exercise that responsibility with love in every moment.

Embrace the responsibility, and imagine what real joy looks like to you. Then, with the best of what you imagine leading the way, fully live that joy.

-- Ralph Marston

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