Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Make it all better

Do you wish someone could make it all better? Then smile, and be that someone.

Would you like it if the problems suddenly went away? Then stand up, step forward, take responsibility, and begin to transform those problems into opportunities.

Do you long for a reason to be hopeful? Then consider what a truly unique and beautiful miracle you are, and find hope in more fully living and expressing your purpose.

In whatever you truly wish to have, you'll find reasons to be your very best. In your highest vision of how life can be, you'll find valuable and meaningful direction for how you can be.

The joy you wish to experience is already within you, waiting for you to share it. Instead of waiting and wishing for someone or something to make you happy, just go ahead and apply that happiness to whatever you're doing.

You have the power to make it all better because you have the power to experience life from any perspective you choose. Choose a positive, empowering perspective, because you deserve the best.

-- Ralph Marston

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