Thursday, October 27, 2011

Within you

Within you there is peace. Know it, feel it, love it and let it grow.

Throughout you, there is love of life's beauty and goodness. Keep that love at the front of your awareness, letting it guide your thoughts, perceptions and choices.

Around you, there are possibilities. Life changes with every moment, so pick the possibilities that will enable those changes to uplift your world.

At the heart of you, is a unique and beautiful purpose. In your feelings, your interests, your preferences and passions, that purpose makes itself known, so you can follow it.

Surrounding you, is a universe overflowing with magnificent beauty. Let yourself be positively, joyfully and thankfully amazed at the endless wonder and possibilities.

Flowing through you, is the energy to live, to love, to make a difference and to experience unique fulfillment. Make good and purposeful use of that energy, and make this the most vibrantly rewarding day yet.

-- Ralph Marston

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