Thursday, October 6, 2011

Simply be happy

If you want to be helpful, be happy. If you want to be successful, be happy.

Happiness is not the result of a life well lived. Happiness is the fuel for a life well lived.

If you won't let yourself be happy, you can't be happy. Yet when you simply allow happiness, nothing can keep it from you.

But isn't it naive to be happy when there are problems and tragedies, disappointments and obstacles throughout life? Actually, it is a sense of happiness and positive self worth that will push you successfully through even the most difficult challenges.

You don't have to justify your happiness, or explain it or be ashamed of it. Just let it be, and let its power create real, meaningful value in your world.

In fact, there's nothing you must be happy about. Simply be happy, and let your authentic joy lift your whole world higher.

-- Ralph Marston

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