Monday, October 17, 2011

The opportunity of now

It makes no difference what has just happened, or why, or how. Whatever else it may be, it is also an opportunity.

To see the opportunity, stop looking backward and begin looking forward. Let go of your resentment, your contentment, your anger and even your satisfaction.

Focus on what you can now do. Whatever your feelings may be, direct their power toward creating new and meaningful value.

Be ready and willing to challenge your assumptions. This is a new moment, with new realities, so don't obscure those valuable realities behind outdated assumptions.

As powerful and transformative as the past may have been, this is a new day with its own opportunities. It is now up to you to engage the best of those opportunities and to make the most of them.

You are in a powerful position because you can choose what to do next. Grab the opportunity of now, and move your whole world forward.

-- Ralph Marston

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