Thursday, October 20, 2011

Choose to do

In this moment, choose to do. On this day, choose to make real and meaningful progress.

It will take some time, effort and persistence. And in return, you'll earn yourself some lasting value.

It will challenge you, and frustrate you at times, and make you a little uncomfortable. Yet it will also bring you the satisfaction of a job well done.

You may not always get it perfect, but always you can give it your best. Choosing to work your way forward is not the easiest choice, yet it will ultimately prove to be the most valuable one.

If you're tempted to let the excuses of the moment hold you back, project your thoughts into the future. Imagine how silly those excuses will seem five years from now, and how thankful you'll be that you ignored them.

The opportunity of today is worthless unless you act on it. Act on it, choose to do, and you'll soon be enjoying the many rewards of your efforts.

-- Ralph Marston

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