Thursday, January 8, 2015


When you see your work as a burden, you're not going to do it very well, and you'll make yourself miserable in the bargain. When you can instead see your work as a privilege, you completely change things for the better.

When you see your work as a privilege, your effectiveness and your satisfaction skyrocket. You experience a dramatic improvement in your creativity and level of commitment.

Just because there are burdensome elements to your work is no reason to see the work itself as a burden. Most likely, you can find a way to eliminate or make improvements to those troubling components.

It's important to make that distinction, between what you're seeking to accomplish and the tasks and procedures you must undertake to get there. It enables you to be fully committed to and enthusiastic about the goal, while being flexible about the way you achieve it.

The opportunity to make a difference is indeed a privilege. Although the path may at times be frustrating and uncomfortable, the destination remains highly desirable.

If there's something about your work that continues to trouble you, find a way to fix it. Get to the point where you can see your work as a privilege, and raise yourself to a whole new level of achievement.

-- Ralph Marston

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