Thursday, January 15, 2015

Live real

Life is messy, uncertain, difficult, inconvenient, and wonderful. Live the real wonder, and not just an imitation.

Get your hands dirty, get your feet wet, and do something for the sheer joy of it. Unplug from the so-called conventional wisdom and serve yourself up some delicious original thoughts.

Take the most stimulating, interesting, thought-provoking and enjoyable route, not merely the quickest one. Stop along the way, and discover something you had no idea was there.

Fill your time with activities for which there is no sanitized, diluted, pre-programmed app. You are a unique, original spirit, so live up to that glorious potential.

Feel the texture of life in all its diversity. Stop comparing yourself to what others have done and start expressing the singular beauty of what it means to be you.

There's no joy in living as one of a million copies. Live real, live rich, and live the unique joy that only you can create.

-- Ralph Marston

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