Friday, January 9, 2015

Make your next step positive

In ways large and small, life can often be disappointing. Yet in every case, you don't have to let the disappointing events keep you disappointed or discouraged.

For as disappointing as life can be, there is always something positive you can do. What you do next is what truly matters, and you can choose a positive step no matter what.

In each disappointment there is a priceless gift. That gift is the opportunity you get to become more determined and purposeful and positively motivated.

Each time, choose to accept that gift, to take that opportunity and to embrace its great value. Quickly use it to transform the energy of disappointment into the energy of achievement.

When you think about it, the choice is actually an easy one. Would you rather waste your life and crush your spirit with resentment and retribution, or do you want to feel great about making a positive difference?

Make the choice to honor your life, to honor all of life, by making your next step a positive one. Seize your great opportunity and enjoy the treasure it brings, each and every time.

-- Ralph Marston

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