Monday, January 12, 2015

Now is your chance

Now is your chance to make life better. Now is your chance to do something that will make a positive difference.

Now is your chance, so take it, live it, give yourself to it and transform this fleeting moment into lasting value. Step boldly and decisively past any hesitation, and create new richness in this precious life of yours.

Life is always challenging in all sorts of ways, and you can choose to see that as a good thing. Accept the unique challenges of this day, put your positive energy into working through them, and you'll quickly realize what a great opportunity you've been given.

You've known how beautiful love can be, and now is your chance to give it. You've felt how great it feels to build, to create, to achieve, and now is your chance to do more.

This is not a time for complaints, for excuses, or for turning a blind eye to your best possibilities. This is your time to fill your whole self with a zest for living and to fulfill those great possibilities.

Now is your chance to be the best expression of yourself that you've ever been. Feel the abundance, feel the immense opportunity, and live it, now.

-- Ralph Marston

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