Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Give yourself a reason

When you have a good enough reason, you can figure out a way. Give yourself a reason, and give yourself the energy necessary to move forward.

Without a good reason, any excuse or distraction will be enough to stop you cold. Without a good reason, you're prone to complaining and questioning your work, rather than doing it.

So give yourself a reason. If you can't come up with a powerful and inspiring reason, then consider doing something else, something that will have a solid reason behind it.

When you know what the reward is, and when that reward is something you really desire, nothing can stop you. Connect with the reason, connect with the reward, connect with the purpose, and you'll naturally move toward it no matter what.

Everything you do has consequences. Remind yourself, again and again, of the positive consequences of your efforts, and you'll find the most effective way be persistent in making those efforts.

Give yourself a reason, and you'll give yourself a way. Give yourself a good enough reason, and it will happen.

-- Ralph Marston

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