Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thoughts and actions

What you do makes you better at what you think. What you think makes you more effective at what you do.

Take action, after thinking through the consequences that are likely to come from that action. Put some thought into what you intend to do, and then get busy doing it.

Express your best, most authentic thoughts with your actions. Focus and empower your actions with your thoughts.

Balance the informed intelligence of your thoughts with the practical effectiveness of your actions. Thought without action is not worth much, and action without thought can be even worse.

True excellence results from the synergy of thought and action. Both are vitally necessary, and neither one is very beneficial without the other.

Consider, question, observe, evaluate, intend, plan, and then do. Think about what you're doing, and then get busy doing what you think.

-- Ralph Marston

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