Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making even more

Strength does not get used up when you use it. In fact, it grows.

Sharing your wisdom with another person does not take that wisdom away from you. It actually deepens your wisdom, and makes it even more profound.

Giving your love does not in any way diminish the love you have. It makes your love richer and more meaningful.

You can speak the truth all day long, and at the end of the day that truth is more plentiful than it was at the beginning. You can exercise compassion for month after month, and you'll end up with even more compassion.

Some of the most powerful and valuable things in life are the things that never get used up. Indeed, those things such as love, integrity, truth, compassion and wisdom become more plentiful the more they're used.

As each moment passes, make full, joyous and meaningful use of life's goodness. When you do, you'll be making even more.

-- Ralph Marston

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