Saturday, September 3, 2011

In your hands

If it takes some time, then take the time. If it requires some effort, then make the effort.

When you don't know how, you can learn. When you require some assistance, ask for it.

If one path is blocked, start looking for another way. When something knocks you off track, get up quickly and point yourself back in the right direction.

Decide that you will not tolerate any excuses, not from yourself or from anyone else. Do what it takes to deal with life as it comes, and firmly take control of your own destiny.

Be kind, be polite, be respectful and understanding, all while being your own person. Spend less time complaining and judging, and more time making a real, positive difference.

Your life is in your hands. So keep those hands working in a thankful, loving and effective way.

-- Ralph Marston

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