Friday, September 2, 2011

Live like you love it

Even though it is unpleasant, you can do it if you must. Even if it is difficult and complicated, you can work your way through it when you choose.

Select your path not because it is easy but because it is right, for you, for your world, for your purpose, for your life. Spend your precious time not just to pass the time, but to build meaningful value.

See that in each challenge is a new way to grow stronger. Know that in each problem is an opportunity to move forward.

When the results are not what you expected, that's no reason to lower your expectations. Instead, learn from the disappointment, raise your expectations even higher, and fashion a more effective approach.

This is your life and this very day is your chance to fill it with real and meaningful substance. This is when you can experience the special beauty and fullness of what it means to be you.

Whatever the constraints, whatever the situation, live like you love it. And you will.

-- Ralph Marston

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