Friday, September 9, 2011

Responsibility for living

Value is created not by avoiding the challenges but by working through the challenges. Fulfillment comes not from doing what is easy but from doing what is right.

The person who can most effectively solve your problems is you. The person who is best positioned to create meaningful value in your life is you.

Every real opportunity to achieve comes with a responsibility to make a difference. The richness that is truly yours is the richness you express through your thoughts, your efforts, your commitments and priorities.

No person or possession or circumstance can give you happiness. Yet you can experience as much happiness and fulfillment as you wish, by the way you choose to live.

Stop wishing that someone or something will make life easier for you. Start working to more fully express and fulfill the value that you know is yours to create.

Sure, there are problems, challenges and difficulties. And as you take responsibility for living through them, the richness continues to grow.

-- Ralph Marston

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