Thursday, September 1, 2011

Immense abundance

Right now you have direct access to the great, ever-expanding value of life's abundance. Your opportunity, and obligation to your own destiny, is to transform that abundance into fulfillment.

The raw energy and resources are there in countless forms. By engaging your passion and staying true to your purpose, you can make meaningful use of it all, to whatever degree you choose.

Be wholeheartedly thankful for your authentic desires. Those desires compel you to successfully tap into life's immense abundance.

Whatever is in your world at this moment, connects you to life's abundance. All that you experience, is yours with which to work.

The possibilities and the problems, the challenges and the joys, the successes and the setbacks all add to the richness. Each passing moment brings more opportunities for fulfillment.

Feel the abundance as it flows ever more powerfully through your life. Make use of it, in truly beautiful and unique new ways.

-- Ralph Marston

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