Saturday, April 16, 2011

You can handle it

Sometimes a breakthrough comes on its own. Most times, though, you experience a breakthrough when you have no other choice.

When your back is up against the wall, you're going to find a way to get through that wall. Even if it once seemed solid and impermeable, when you must get through you'll find a way through.

It's good to get out in front of your challenges, and to plan in advance for what you think will happen. Yet even when the unexpected happens, and even when it feels completely overwhelming, you have what it takes to successfully make it through.

When you must, you will. Keeping that in mind will give you the confidence to step positively forward every day, in matters both large and small.

Though it's smart to carefully plan, it is truly a waste of time to worry. For even if the worst does come to pass, you have what it takes to make the very best of it.

Take a rich, deep breath of fresh air, and feel your confidence grow. Jump joyfully and enthusiastically into life, knowing you can handle whatever may come.

-- Ralph Marston

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