Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The problems

If there's a problem holding you back, take steps to solve it. If it's not in your power to solve it, figure out a way to transcend it.

If you cannot transcend the problem, make the choice to accept it and live with it. Then get busy filling your world with so much joy and richness that whatever the problem is, it won't really matter.

Problems are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they can lead you to great and valuable opportunities.

Problems are not reasons to postpone your life. In fact, those people who encounter the most problems are the people who are living most fully and richly.

Pay attention to the problems and find ways to turn their energy in a positive direction. By all means, don't hide from life just because you're afraid of coming across a few problems.

Let the problems come, and let the problems go. Whatever the problems may be, engage yourself purposefully and enthusiastically with the best life has to offer.

-- Ralph Marston

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Joanni said...

"don't hide from life just because you're afraid of coming across a few problems" I love it!!!