Friday, April 15, 2011

Positive perspective

The moment you begin to take positive action, your whole perspective quickly changes. Instead of being worried, angry, resentful, or discouraged, you become focused on creating positive value.

That's a very good place to be. And you can be there sooner than you might think.

Momentum is a powerful thing. You can get the positive momentum started with the smallest little effective action.

Take action, and once you feel the slightest tinge of encouragement from that small initial action, take more action. Allow the positive momentum to build to the point where you become virtually unstoppable.

In any moment, the choice is clear and the choice is yours to make. Do you sit around worrying, complaining and fearing, or do you stand up, step forward and do something about it?

Take action, and not only will you take positive control of your life. Take action, and you'll be empowered by a fresh, new positive perspective.

-- Ralph Marston

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