Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rich in this moment

Do you really want to be rich? Then be rich in this moment, right now, where you are, with all that you have.

Let go of the need to control, the need to judge, and the need to possess, and feel the immense beauty of simply, authentically being you. Every richness you could ever truly care about is here for you to allow.

It's great to have ambitious plans and meaningful intentions for the future. Remember that the way you'll achieve those intentions is by lovingly harvesting the immense richness of right now.

You don't have to fight for or wait for or hope for some future circumstance to make you rich. The experience of richness comes when you fully accept and celebrate in this moment that you have more than enough.

In the richness that is yours now, all you could ever desire is well within your reach. Feel the richness as it erases all doubt and gives you the confidence to reach even higher, free of need, filled with love.

All of life's richness will come to you in some moment or another. Be rich in this moment, and let the richness continue to grow.

-- Ralph Marston

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