Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Make a wish

Make a wish, and make it a really good one. Wish for something that can make a massive positive difference in your life right now.

Make a wish, and then see it in great and rich detail. In the deepest depths and highest highs of your imagination, imagine yourself living the fulfillment of that wish.

Then ask yourself this. What one step can you take right now that will transform your wish into a work in progress?

It feels nice to wish, and yet wishing itself won't bring results. You can, however build great value from that wish by fully engaging the power of your focus and commitment.

Let yourself wish, and imagine, and dream, but don't just leave it at that. Because you owe it to yourself, and to all of life, to make something real out of what you've imagined.

Make a wish, and then step quickly in the direction it begs you to go. Make a wish, and then make it real.

-- Ralph Marston

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