Friday, March 4, 2011

The best you've ever been

With all its imperfections and challenges, today is still the best day yet. Though you may have known much love and joy and fulfillment in the past, you can experience even more today.

For you can bring with you to this day the best of all you've ever known, and then you can add to its beauty. On top of that, you can leave behind the disappointments and limiting assumptions that have held you back, and free yourself to truly soar.

Sure, there are problems that you will face. Yet you can face them with a lifetime of wisdom and experience, more today than you've ever had before.

You're better prepared than ever to transform those problems into opportunities. And you're more determined than ever to transform the best of those opportunities into real, meaningful value.

All of what you've been through has made you stronger and more capable, in ways that you're not even fully aware of yet. Today you can choose to use that ever-growing strength and ability in the service of your most treasured visions.

Whatever else may be going on, in many important and powerful ways you're the best you've ever been. Grab the opportunity that is today, and make it into something great.

-- Ralph Marston

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