Friday, March 25, 2011

The effort that matters

Are you spending this day chasing distractions or are you using its precious minutes and hours to create real value? Is there something you could be creating or improving or repairing or solving that would bring much more lasting value than what you're doing now?

It's easy to find things to keep you busy. It can be more difficult to engage yourself in work that truly makes a difference over the long run.

Yet once you start to do the work that really matters, once you build a little momentum, it becomes easier to rise above all those distractions. When you know you're doing what's truly meaningful and lasting, you develop a powerful, authentic desire to keep doing it.

Life is rich, and is rich also with opportunities for every kind of distraction. Though the distractions promise momentary enjoyment, real enjoyment comes not from being busy with meaningless efforts, but in making a meaningful difference.

Give yourself a break occasionally, and give in to the distractions for some momentary pleasure. Keep your priorities, though, on the efforts that bring not mere pleasure, but the kind of joy and fulfillment that last a lifetime.

Make the effort, and make the effort that really matters.

-- Ralph Marston

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