Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fill each moment with value

Don't settle for just staying busy or merely passing the time. Make use of your time and effort to create real value.

When the day is done, when the job is through, it won't really matter whether it was difficult or easy, frustrating or amusing. What will continue to make a difference is the value you create.

Today, and every day, you have the opportunity to make life more meaningful and valuable. There are countless options available to you for doing that.

You can build something new, or improve what already exists. You can create wonderful experiences, or share your insights with others.

The possibilities for creating value are limited only by your imagination. And now is the time when you can make that value come to life in your own unique way.

To fill your life with richness, fill each moment with new and meaningful value. There's always a way, and it always will pay.

-- Ralph Marston

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