Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Make life happen

You don't have to wish or hope for things to happen. Because you can make things happen.

You don't have to wonder whether something will work or not. Because you can gather the resources, make the effort and find out for yourself.

There's no need to live in fear of what life might bring. You can make your life unfold in the way you'd like to see it unfold.

There's no reason to worry about lack or limitation. You can act to work your way through whatever obstacles and challenges are present.

Of all the abilities you have, the most powerful ability is the ability to utilize your abilities in a meaningful way. Not only can you make things happen, you can make things happen with purpose and intention and in the service of your highest values.

Don't worry or wonder or beg or steal or wish or regret or envy or wait. Use all that energy to make life happen, in the way you know is best, right now.

-- Ralph Marston

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