Friday, November 11, 2011

Your greatest opportunity

Don't wait for later to do what you love and to love what you're doing. Life is made richer in increments of now, and this very moment is your moment to fully live.

Keep reminding yourself how much of a privilege it is to be where you are right now. Keep working to make the most of that unique privilege, and use it to lift all of life ever higher.

Stop making excuses about why you can't. Start making grand fulfillment out of the goodness you have.

Discover how immensely thankful you can be that this moment is here. Enjoy how enthusiastic you can be about fulfilling this day's most glorious possibilities.

Now is when you can get the most out of life by putting the most into life. Now is when you can find maximum enjoyment in being authentically you.

Do what you love and love what you're doing. Your greatest opportunity is now.

-- Ralph Marston

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