Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Think your best thoughts

Your thoughts give specific direction to the immense energy that is your life. So focus those thoughts not on what you fear or detest, but on what you love.

Fill your mind with thoughts of the very best you can imagine. Think your way in the direction of where you truly wish to go.

Your life will faithfully express whatever you genuinely think of it. The highest, most consistently positive thoughts are what will push your life in the most positive and fulfilling direction.

In every moment you are thinking about something. Each of those thoughts is an opportunity to set the direction of your life.

Think thoughts of joy, of love, of healing, compassion and achievement. Where your most persistent thoughts lead, your actions and your life do naturally follow.

Think, with passion and in great detail, of how you wish your world to be. Think your best thoughts, again and again, and bring those thoughts to life.

-- Ralph Marston

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