Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Give the value

You can't fully enjoy life if you're always expecting someone else to live it for you. The value of each experience is directly related to the value you are willing to put into it.

Instead of seeing your efforts, your obligations and your responsibilities as burdens, see them as opportunities. When you feel resentment or frustration brewing, choose to replace those feelings with gratitude and enthusiasm.

The way to truly enjoy life is to continually give your own unique beauty and value to it. The way to truly enjoy life is through your efforts, your commitments, and your authentic creativity.

Every day puts you in a position to give of yourself, so make the most of the opportunity. In every moment there are real, beneficial things you can do to lift your whole world.

To the extent that you do so, life becomes more meaningful, more fulfilling and much more enjoyable. Even the complicated, frustrating, and uncomfortable tasks add immensely to the enjoyment when you remind yourself of the purpose behind them.

Make the effort, do the work, and give the unique value that's yours to give. Enjoy the matchless satisfaction of living each moment to truly make a difference.

-- Ralph Marston

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