Saturday, November 5, 2011

Next step

Whether the road ahead of you is long or whether it is short, what you can do in this moment is the same. What you can do now is take the next step.

The important issue right now is not what has already happened or who is to blame for it. The important thing is to take the next step.

Achievement comes from continually taking the next step, whatever that step must be. Dreams of all shapes and sizes are reached by continuing to take the next step for as long as necessary.

The next step is always within your reach. The next step is as near as your willingness to take it.

The next step involves real work on your part. In exchange for that real work, you create real value.

Right now, you can choose to take the next step, or you can let this moment's uniquely valuable opportunities pass you by. Take the next step, and keep yourself solidly on the road to fulfillment.

-- Ralph Marston

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