Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Streak of bad luck

If you're having a bad day, or a bad week or year, it's nothing personal. In fact, it's nothing at all.

The fates are not malevolently aligned against you. You've just chosen to see it that way.

Your streak of bad luck will end at precisely the moment you decide it is over. The only thing that can make the future look bleak is your agonizing over the past, and that can end right now.

Misfortune is difficult when you're living through it. Yet as you do live through it, you build strength, experience, determination, and a solid connection to authentic purpose.

Instead of seeing yourself as a victim of your troubles, realize that as of now, you are very much a beneficiary of them. Though the pain may be deep, the power is even more profound.

With a renewed sense of purpose, look forward and move forward. Your future is yours to choose.

-- Ralph Marston

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