Saturday, May 28, 2011


If you blame your discontent on others, that will just make it grow bigger and more burdensome. Choose instead to embrace and to own that discontent fully, and you can make it go away.

There can be all sorts of reasons why you're unhappy with life. Yet it is not those reasons that matter, but rather what you're willing to think, to feel and to do.

When you accept that your discontent is yours and yours alone, you can quickly get beyond it. And though you may not be able to immediately change the outer conditions, you can instantly change your inner perspective.

What can weigh you down is not what has happened, but how you have chosen to respond. Choose to let go of the discontent, and free yourself to grab hold of the most positive possibilities.

Whether the situation is your fault or not, doesn't really matter now. Your best strategy is to be sincerely thankful for where you are, and to move quickly in the direction of where you wish to be.

Life can be tough on you, but you don't have to be so tough on yourself. Let go of your discontent, and let yourself soar to new, fulfilling heights.

-- Ralph Marston

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