Thursday, May 12, 2011

Begin and continue

Whether it is a small task or a life-changing project, the strategy for achievement is the same. Begin right away, and then continue for as long as necessary.

Are you worried you might not get it right? If you put your energy into worry, you won't get anything done at all.

Instead, step confidently up to the task right away, get going on it, and keep going. You'll know soon enough if you need to adjust your efforts to get precisely the result you intend.

There are plenty of very reasonable excuses for not getting started. But even the most valid, understandable excuses won't pay the bills or add to the quality of your life.

Instead of entertaining the worthless excuses or poisonous resentments, you can be making the effort. Instead of fretting about the possible obstacles, you can be steadily working your way past the real ones.

The achievement you seek is ready for you to claim it and bring it to life. Begin the effort now, continue as necessary, and that achievement will indeed be yours.

-- Ralph Marston

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