Monday, May 30, 2011

No need

You get what you do not need. What you need, you do not have.

So long as you focus on need, you push away the object of your need. As soon as you can truly let go of the need for something, you can begin to experience more and more of it in your life.

Desperation builds a wall around you that lets nothing good come in. Thus, desperation leads to nothing but more desperation.

Every reality you create in your life begins with what you imagine. So use the power of your imagination to imagine abundance, instead of focusing your thoughts on need.

See yourself not as lacking, but as fulfilling. Let your thankfulness for what is possible crowd out any limiting thoughts of need or apprehension.

What you need, does you no good. With a grateful heart get beyond the need, and open yourself to all life's abundance.

-- Ralph Marston

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